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Comic Template File.psd

Title: Comic Poster

Purpose: A comic poster is a graphic collage that can bring together all elements of a project into a single narrative page

Description: Students will create a comic strip from all of the content (images & text)  of their project. This comic strip will serve as their visual presentation to accompany their final verbal presentation 


Download the Photoshop template file as a starting point for your poster. 

Use Insert Embedded to place your saved project images into the template. 

Replace the stand-in text with original final versions of your project text. 

Save the file both as a .psd and as a .png file for your final blog post submission. 


Saba Ghole

What is a Precedent?

A precedent is a project done in the real world that can be used to help explain some of the ideas that will be covered in the studio or project. Students should locate and critically evaluate precedents and demonstrate how the content of the relate to their projects. 

Precedents generally fall into a number of categories - conceptual, aspirational, and comparable. 

  • Conceptual precedents explore ideas related to the  studio through critical analysis  of a wide range of largely art-based projects. 
  • Aspirational precedents look at cutting-edge or futurist implementation of technology as related to the studio topic. 
  • Comparable precedents look at nascent or current projects, often in the marketplace, that relate to the theme of the studio at a design and technological level that students can reasonably achieve within the course of the Studio. 

Through a critical analysis and melding of these categories, students can develop ideas for creative and technical innovations based on an expansive understanding of the theme.

What Makes a Good Precedent?

  • Meaningful
    • Provides a rich social, historical or cultural context
    • Highlight examples of current relevant projects
  • Inspiring & Exciting
    • Shows a novel approach
    • Shows a novel design solution
    • Exposes students to concepts, projects, and research that they are unaware of.
    • Helps generate conversation about the studio topic early in the research and brainstorming process.
  • Focused
    • Shows a novel technical, functional, or mechanical application
    • Shows a conceptual application
  • Guiding
    • Shows students options, avenues, and principles at any point during the design process.  Precedents are useful throughout the studio, not just at the beginning.

Posting Precedents

A precedent can be a video or a series of images. Image posts should have a Title and Caption on every slide.

Every Precedent should include the following in the body of the post:

  • The name of the project/device/object/installation/book etc and the name of the creator.
  • A source link to the original content.
  • A reason why the precedent is  it is applicable to the project.
  • Analysis (if appropriate) of the precedent. This can be technical or conceptual. 

Comic Poster Template

Aaron Laniosz
Comic Template File.psd

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