Stop Motion Storytelling (1)


Aaron Laniosz
Storyboard Template.pdf

Storyboard the shots, movements, and interactions

A storyboard is a graphic organizer that plans a narrative. This is where you can take your written story outline and translate it into the specific shots, movements, and interactions of your characters. This is a visual outline of every scene you plan to capture. 

This is also a good place to ensure your video will make sense. If someone doesn't understand your storyboard right now, people may not understand your finished video once it is complete. Use as many frames as you need. Be thorough. 


Written Outline- Gia Leon

Gia Leon

I'm going to be using hand drawn images to create something. These aren't animation pieces but are maybe going to be backgrounds in what I'm doing...

Title : Is the grass greener?

Characters :  Chemical user Farmer, Organic Farmer, Any animals/plants that may get added in to show effects

Setting : a family farm, a farm generally (?)


A set of brothers have very different ways of farming. Although the older brother's farming method is quick and helps make money even quicker it seems there are some implications with his method that his younger brother shows.


The older brother's farming method is killing the family garden. The plants are slowly getting smaller. The animals are getting sick and overall things are not going well.


The younger brother makes a stand and after the older brother- realizing what he was doing was wrong- begins to follow his little brothers lead and organic farming methods. Slowly things look up for everything and eventually the farm is flourishing once again.

The Night Sky Reminds You of the Past

Aaron Laniosz and Tevin Dunbar

Test Scene/Capturing and Editing-Leaf Story

Evan Chiriboga

I used paper as my stop motion material. This video represents one season(summer), and since it took so long to make, I think I might change up the format next time to make it simpler, faster, and easy to follow along. Not to mention probably make the in between frames much smoother so that the quality isn't as choppy and have better transitions, so that it isn't awkward when it goes from one sequence to another. I wasted a lot of time.

stop motion test

David Galdamez

I made a stop motion duck