Stop Motion Storytelling (2)

Final Video

Aaron Laniosz and Alexander Hernandez

This video turned out like this due to only having two weeks and also being really busy doing other things. This stop motion video I spent countless hours trying to think of an idea on what to do and to do the multiple drawings. The idea came to me after I gave up on trying to figure out what to do and just made two drawings fall. After that, I continued making multiple drawings (which never got used) but soon realized I was running out of time so ended up just making different faces. Aside from dealing with the character, I also needed to find a way to do a setup because everywhere in my house has something there that ruins it. I was even really limited on materials, I ended up using a box to hold up my device. Basically, a bunch of things held me back and forced my animation to turn out like I didn't want it to.


Cristina Estrada

I'll probably go back and edit this more because I know I can just keep on editing forever and if I don't stop I'll never finish.

My final video "You should make a mask"

Dylan Hatz

This video has drained me emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I will now go into a coma for the weekend

The Night Sky Reminds You of the Past

Aaron Laniosz and Tevin Dunbar